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Antonio Brown’s Agent Claims He’s Receiving ‘Genuine’ Interest from NFL Teams

Cap or no cap? Antonio Brown is supposedly receiving “genuine” interest from NFL teams.

Despite serving as a representative for the National Arena League’s Albany Empire team, former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown’s agent, J.R. Rickert, confirmed that some NFL teams have expressed “genuine” interest in him.

“He is exploring the right fit,” Rickert said. “I think that he is a multi-talented individual who does everything at a high level, and whatever he commits to, he goes all in.”

Brown is said to be focused on exploring the right fit. Brown recently hinted on Twitter that he would be playing in the Empire’s game on Saturday. This would mark his first appearance since his infamous mid-game departure from the Buccaneers in January 2022.

Brown’s career has been riddled with controversy. This includes sexual assault allegations, a misdemeanor battery charge, and other incidents that led to his release from multiple NFL teams.

Despite rumors of potential comebacks with the Ravens and other teams, nothing has materialized to date.

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