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Video: Crazy Fight Breaks Out Between Parent and Ref at Youth Basketball Game

Youth sports are a source of happiness for many, as they teach vital lessons such as hard work, teamwork and competition.

However, they also serve as a platform for kids to learn which adults they should avoid like the plague. These individuals are prone to outbursts not only at games but also in other aspects of their lives, making it essential to identify them and steer clear. A video that recently surfaced on social media depicts parents getting into a physical altercation with an official at a youth basketball game in Fort Wayne, Ind.


While such heated interactions are not uncommon during such events, none should end with blows. In the video, the father of a player confronts the referee while his partner looks on. The two families were probably arguing about a foul call that went against the father’s son. Shortly after, the video cut to the two men exchanging blows, resulting in the referee tackling the dad to the ground.

This incident highlights the need for adults to restrain themselves during youth sports events, even when they disagree with the officials’ calls.

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