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Rumor: NBA Referee Eric Lewis Has A Burner Account That He Uses To Defend Himself

Does NBA referee Eric Lewis have a burner?

The NBA is known for producing a lot of drama.

One of the most notable examples was Bryan Colangelo, a former front office executive for the 76ers. He lost his job in 2018 after internet users discovered his wife operated several Twitter burner accounts to defend him and criticize players on the team.

Another instance was Kevin Durant. He had to apologize after accidentally using his burner account to fire off a shot at Thunder coach Billy Donovan.

Despite these incidents, it seems some people associated with the NBA fail to cover their digital tracks. One referee is now being accused of doing just that. NBA Twitter detectives uncovered an account under the name “Blair Cuttliff” which they believe belongs to Eric Lewis, an NBA ref of 18 seasons.

Although there’s no definitive proof, the account’s tweets mostly focused on Lewis himself, and he only followed a few accounts related to the NBA and a women’s college basketball team coached by his wife. The account was briefly deactivated before its owner, who claimed to be Lewis’ brother, Mark, made a comeback.

While not a significant story, it is still entertaining.

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