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Cavinder Twins Declare They Are ‘Wombmates’ for Life

The Cavinder twins always stay active on social media.

Surprisingly, they have decided to leave basketball and pursue a career in wrestling after securing a NIL deal with WWE. Despite their anticipated debuts with the promotion, their plans have yet to be officially announced.

In the meantime, the twins remain in shape, as seen in their recent social media posts showcasing their workout attire in skintight trainer bras, shorts, and sneakers, also calling themselves Wombmates, clever.

These posts have gone viral with over 31,000 likes on Instagram and 26,800 on TikTok.

The Cavinders explained their decision to leave basketball on the TODAY Show, stating that they wanted to optimize all the opportunities they have ahead of them. WWE aligns with their brand, including their fanbase, the sport, and their fitness side, making them a great partner for the twins’ future endeavors.

Check out more from the Cavinder twins below:

@cavindertwins we can never hear each other in the first place #foryou #twins #fitness ♬ original sound – Badgalbribri

@cavindertwins happy mothers day to katie cav! @Champs Sports 💜 #fyp #foryou #twins ♬ Got It from My Mama – Honey County

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