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Stephen A. Smith’s Goal is to Be Remembered as ‘Greatest Television Talent in History’

Stay off the weeeeeeed Stephen A. Smith.

Stephen A. Smith is anything but a small dreamer. The renowned ESPN personality has expanded his career in recent years by launching his own podcast, writing a book, and taking on acting roles, all while ascending to become essentially the face of The Worldwide Leader.

Despite his success, Smith’s ambitions are much higher than just being a well-known sports media figure.

He aims to be remembered as one of the greatest talents in the history of American television.

In a recent appearance on The Tamron Hall Show, Smith was asked about his plans and goals, to which he responded unreservedly.

“My first priority is perfecting my already established production company. I aspire to be on the same level as Spike Lee, Tyler Perry, and Jerry Bruckheimer,” Smith revealed. “I’ve decided to pursue acting because I like the challenge of portraying different characters. I think it will ultimately make me better on television.” Smith went on to state that he is not content with his career achievement in sports media, adding, “I want to be recognized as arguably the greatest television talent in history. That’s what I want to do. That’s what I aim to accomplish.”

While his aspirations may be met with skepticism, Stephen A. Smith’s determination should not be underestimated, as he has previously expressed interest in running for president, and some experts predict he may seek political office in the future. Regardless, there is no question that Smith is a big thinker with a clear goal in mind.

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