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Rumor: Bronny Says LeBron James Is Leaning Toward Retirement

LeBron James’ eldest son, Bronny James, has shined some light on the LeBron retirement talk.

With the Lakers being swept by the Nuggets, LeBron hinted at retirement in his postgame presser.

This would mean walking away from $97 million, and it was rumored as a ploy. Bronny is also just a year away from joining him in the NBA so there’s that on the table as well

However, according to the Mock Trades Instagram account, Bronny has revealed that his dad may actually be leaning towards retirement.


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Bronny, who is committed to play at USC, is reported to have said this in an Instagram Live video. If this is true, it won’t be long before it surfaces.

Despite winning four championships and four MVP Awards, LeBron may feel as though he has accomplished everything. However, even at 38 years old, he recently surpassed Kareem Abdul Jabbar to claim the title of NBA all-time scoring leader. While it would be unexpected, it is unlikely that he will retire any time soon.

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