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Here’s Exactly How Shaq Got Served FTX Lawsuit Papers at the Celtics-Heat Game

Shaq can’t run forever.

Despite evading process servers for several months, NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal was finally served with a summons and complaint in the FTX class action lawsuit. This lawsuit also involves other celebrities such as Tom Brady.

Attorney Adam Moskowitz has confirmed this. O’Neal was personally served with the papers during the Heat-Celtics NBA game while working for TNT. Ironically, the game was played at FTX Center. O’Neal was in the outside broadcasting booth where fans were nearby.

“He was personally provided the papers, so he cannot raise his absurd delay tactics,” Moskowitz said. “We watched the prior Heat/Celtics game, so knew he would be in the outside broadcasting b0oth where fans were right next door.”

Some tipster attending the game tipped them off about a kerfuffle, and they later obtained a photograph of the summons. O’Neal has been served with the original FTX lawsuit as well as a new lawsuit regarding the Astrals Project, an NFT/crypto offering.

Moskowitz highlighted the seriousness of the allegations in the new complaint, which accuses O’Neal, his son, and his business partner of founding the NFT Metaverse. It also accuses them of making promises every week to be heavily involved to boost the value of the NFTs. However, he has since gone into hiding after the FTX fraud was exposed.

Shaq has only 20 days to respond to both complaints.

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