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Rumor: Josh Allen Cheated on His Girlfriend and Impregnated Bartender

There are rumors circulating about the possible breakup of Josh Allen and his girlfriend Brittany Williams.

The story has quickly spread among fans in recent days. It is believed that the Buffalo Bills quarterback was dumped by his partner of seven years after she unfollowed him on Instagram. She also deleted all of their photos together earlier this month.

Brittany’s Instagram story seemed to throw some shade at Josh, as she posted a photo of her friend’s birthday cake with the hashtag #MHWN. This is referencing the romance podcast “My Husband Will Never.”

While Josh still follows Brittany on Instagram and hasn’t removed their photos, fans noticed that he didn’t acknowledge her with a birthday tribute this year, unlike the previous six years.

There are also rumors circulating that Josh was unfaithful to Brittany and may have impregnated a barmaid. This speculation originated from gossip portal DeuxMoi, although they have since deleted the release.

Given the nature of the story, it has naturally sparked extensive online discussion. Josh Allen and Brittany Williams have been together since 2017. They have also known each other since childhood.

Josh Allen has established himself as one of the NFL’s top quarterbacks earning two Pro Bowl selections.

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