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Kwame Brown BLASTS LeBron James in Epic Tirade

Kwame Brown has put LeBron James on BLAST!

Yesterday, we had LeSean McCoy claim that LeBron’s legacy has been impacted by this four-game sweep. There’s been plenty of other opinions as well.

But this one by Kwame Brown is truly something to take in. This man was in the wrong profession playing professional basketball. He’s a comedian!

During a 7-minute tirade, notorious NBA bust Kwame Brown had some less than stellar things to say about LeBron.

It most notably focused on LeBron not even getting a shot off to end the game. Take a listen:

Forget that Kwame is one of the NBA’s biggest busts of all-time & a “bonafide scrub.” He acknowledges that. He’s a fan now though, and he’s absolutely right that the Kobes and MJs of the world are 100% getting a shot off there.

LeBron’s achievements are undeniable. Among his many NBA records, he has secured the all-time scoring record for the league.

Despite the tirade by Kwame Brown, it should be noted that LeBron, at the age of 38, managed to achieve an astounding performance with 40 points, 10 rebounds, and 9 assists in their loss to the Nuggets in Game 4.

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