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ESPN Employees Reportedly Angry Over Pat McAfee Hiring

An ESPN mutiny is afoot over the Pat McAfee hiring.

According to reports, Pat McAfee’s move to ESPN may not be warmly received by the network’s staff due to the ongoing layoffs.

The Walt Disney Co., ESPN’s parent company, is set to lay off a total of 7,000 people. This has obviously caused anxiety among those awaiting their fates.

McAfee is reportedly set to make a significant salary which hasn’t gone down well with some employees.

“It’s not anti-McAfee… it’s your ex getting engaged a month after the breakup,” said one former ESPN staffer.

Via Front Office Sports:

“Too soon was the reaction I got from a few friends. Some that were let go are still working there until June,” a former ESPN staffer told the aforementioned publication. “You are coming to grips with your departure, and then you see a big money signing. It’s not anti-McAfee…it’s your ex getting engaged a month after the breakup.”

“They’re are some people who are upset. The timing of it is curious. They’re paying Aikman, Buck, Stephen A. Smith, and McAfee. And then you’re going to lay people off? Kind of weird,” Schwab explained. “Nothing against Pat McAfee. Obviously, he brings Aaron Rodgers to the table. He’s already there because he does ‘College GameDay.’ They’re looking to hit another home run. Meanwhile, their singles hitters are going to be fired.”

Some employees have also expressed concern about the salary gap between high-earning ESPN personalities and those who may soon be laid off. The layoffs are expected to begin this month and may affect both off-camera staff and on-air talent.

The Pat McAfee hiring is just Business as usual at ESPN.

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