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Aaron Rodgers Spotted With Girlfriend Mallory Edens at Her Sister’s Wedding

The relationship between Aaron Rodgers and Mallory Edens seems to be going strong.

They were seen together at a Bucks game in December, before reports about their relationship surfaced earlier in the year. Despite being labeled as “casual” by an anonymous source, they were said to be more than just friends.

Back in January, Sports Gossip was the first to report the news that they were dating, which was then confirmed by People magazine. 

Now we know for sure they are still very much a couple. The two were pictured with one another for the first time not at a Milwaukee Bucks game. You can see the New York Jets star Quarterback and Mallory attending the wedding of Mallory’s sister Madison, which took place in Spain last weekend.

See the pic below:

Previously, Aaron Rodgers had been engaged to Shailene Woodley, but the two called off their engagement last year.

On the other hand, Eden graduated from Princeton University, where she was a Division I athlete in women’s track and field.

She also spoke up for women in sports and wrote an op-ed about the “problem with pink sport jerseys.” Interestingly enough, one of Rodgers best friends recently spoke about the prospects of the NFL star QB getting married.

Here’s what Davante Adams said on the I Am Athlete podcast:

“I think that you’d need one if you need one is certain people I probably met a few people that I know their mentalities and their mindsets, and I can’t put anybody’s name out there.”

“But I had a couple teammates, one in particular in Green Bay that I know that he is the one guy that I believe he will never be married. And I hope you see this and he’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.”

Who knows, maybe Mallory will change Aaron’s mind on marriage?

Good to see Aaron Rodgers and Mallory are still very much a couple, check out more of the Bucks heiress below:

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