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Draymond Green Blasts Jaylen Brown for Not Supporting Teammates

Draymond Green is never afraid to express his thoughts on his podcast.

He’s definitely not afraid to express them regarding Jaylen Brown who he has a bit of a history with from the 2022 NBA Finals.

The former NBA Defensive Player of the Year went after Jaylen Brown for not defending teammate Grant Williams after the Celtics’ 111-105 loss in Game 2.

Listen to what he had to say below:

“When I saw JB (Jaylen Brown) after the game, they asked JB about Grant (Williams) and poking the bear and what not, and he said ‘next question.’ To me, I’m like ‘oh, they(‘re) done,” Green said of Brown and the Celtics. “He said ‘next question.’

“But in JB’s situation, you still ride your man, be like ‘hey, he started talking. Jimmy (Butler) played well It is what it is. We gotta do what we gotta do to win.’ You can’t ‘next question’ it, JB. That was the mentality that their team took on in Game 3. Like ‘next question,’ next game, next play, this is it. You could tell that there was more there once that happened.”

Draymond Green may be on to something hinting that the Celtics have some locker room issues. That would coincide with head coach Joe Mazzulla saying that he didn’t have his guys quite ready to play in Game 3.

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