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Dallas Cowboys Being Linked to Legendary NFL Running Back

Yes, this NFL running back legend is well past his prime, but he’s not ready to call it quits just yet as he’s being linked to the Dallas Cowboys

Adrian Peterson is widely considered as one of the GOAT running backs of the 21st century. It’s for good reason as he has ran for the fifth most yards in NFL history. Throw in being a 4-time All-Pro and a MVP nod, Peterson has had a storied career.

The only thing missing is a Super Bowl championship. Maybe that’s one reason he told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that he hasn’t called it quits yet.

“Mentally, I haven’t officially hung it up,” Peterson said. “We’ll see what happens. My mindset is, if God’s willing maybe an opportunity presents itself and maybe it happens this season. I’ll go from there to your. But nothing happens this season. For sure, I will be hanging it up.”

Peterson may not be ready to retire at 38 years old, but it’s tough to see him landing with the Dallas Cowboys, or with any team for that matter.

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