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Washington Wizards Snapchat Account Accidentally Posts Scantily Clad Female at the Club

Washington Wizards Snapchat, whatcha doing?

Over the weekend, the Washington Wizards’ Snapchat account went wild. A bizarre and inappropriate photo of a female with a caption that caused an uproar on social media got posted.

The post was soon captured and shared on other platforms, sparking discussions about the social media admin’s possible job loss. It’s believed that the employee forgot to switch accounts before posting.

The team finished with a 35-47 record in the Eastern Conference for five consecutive losing campaigns and looks to retool in the offseason. The Wizards acquired the eighth overall pick of the upcoming NBA Draft, hinting that exciting times may lie ahead.

On the other hand, the Miami Heat seems poised to win the Eastern Conference and might appear in their second NBA Finals since 2020 after an unexpected playoff run.

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