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LeBron James Fights to Free “Taco Tuesday”

LeBron James is here to free “Taco Tuesday.”

LeBron is not the kind to stay silent and only focus on basketball. That’s why he’s lending his support to Taco Bell’s campaign to liberate “Taco Tuesday.”

Despite being a phrase commonly used and advertised by local restaurants, many may not have been aware that “Taco Tuesday” is actually a trademarked slogan. Taco John’s has held the trademark in 49 states since 1989, while Gregory’s Bar owns the trademark in New Jersey since 1982. However, there are now efforts from Taco Bell and LeBron James to potentially challenge these trademarks.

Last week, Taco Bell filed legal petitions to liberate the phrase “Taco Tuesday” for everyone to use. This week, they announced James is supporting their attempt to free the trademark.

“’Taco Tuesday’ is a tradition that everyone should be able to celebrate. All restaurants, all families, all businesses – everybody,” LeBron James said in a press release. “’Taco Tuesdays’ create opportunities that bring people together in so many ways, and it’s a celebration that nobody should own.”

According to the press release, James is also starring in a new ad titled “Taco Bleep” as part of the attempt to liberate “Taco Tuesday,” so be sure to look out for that campaign on your TV set beginning May 22.

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