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Lana Rhoades’ NBA Baby Daddy Exposed After She Called Him Out for Having a Small Penis

Last year, a scandal rocked the NBA world when retired adult film star Lana Rhoades accused a player of impregnating her and then telling her to “go F myself.”

She initially claimed the player was on the Brooklyn Nets, leading many to speculate that it was either Kevin Durant or Blake Griffin.

However, Rhoades later revealed that the man already had children, ruling out Durant. Many now believe Griffin is the father of Rhoades’ son, Milo, due to the child’s resemblance to him.  Recently, Rhoades has been showing support for Nuggets bench player Bruce Brown Jr. on social media, leading some to speculate that he may be the NBA player in question.

Brown previously played for the Nets, adding more fuel to the rumors.

Then she called him out for having a small, well you know what.

See below:

While this is not definitive proof of paternity, fans on NBA Twitter have been piecing together the puzzle.

This is all too telling.

See more of Lana Rhoades below:

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