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Michael Malone takes a Shot at Anthony Davis’ Defensive Prowess

Despite a major victory over the Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday night, Michael Malone remained dissatisfied with the performance of his Denver Nuggets team.

In fact, following the game, Malone took a jab at Anthony Davis while discussing his disappointment with the media. Specifically, he accused Davis of playing free safety and lingering in the paint for too long, going against the three-second rule for defensive players who are not actively guarding an opponent.

“Anthony Davis is just playing free safety, sitting in the paint for 8 seconds at a time,” Malone said after his Nuggets took a commanding 3-0 lead. 

Rather than potentially receiving a fine for calling out the officials for missed calls, Malone instead chose to put his concerns on their radar in a different way.

Should Davis be caught for a defensive 3-second violation in Game 4, it will be clear that Malone’s efforts were successful. Regardless, even with a 3-0 series lead, Malone is determined to keep pushing his team forward as they face the Lakers in the next game on Monday night.

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