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‘Masters Girl’ Goes Viral After She Makes an Appearance at PGA Championship

Aaliyah Kikumoto, also known as “Masters Girl,” has made a return to the limelight this weekend as she attends the PGA Championship in New York.

Following her initial rise to internet fame after being shown on TV during the Masters tournament, Kikumoto landed some NIL deals and has been making waves in the influencer world. She posted a story on Instagram revealing that she is in Rochester, NY for the event and is still sporting the hat that brought her initial fame.

Via New York Post:

“I definitely want to become an influencer for sure and do great things,” she said in April, via the Daily Star.

“As I look at this opportunity, I’m looking to be a multi-disciplined influencer, whether that be dance, golf, modeling, etc. I’ve got other interests as well which will be announced shortly. I’m sort of like a Swiss army knife.”

Despite her newfound opportunities, Kikumoto remains dedicated to her schoolwork, exams, and cheerleading commitments. She aspires to be a multi-disciplined influencer with interests in dance, golf, modeling, and more, and has already secured a modeling deal with a clothing company.

It’s safe to say that there’s much more in store for this rising star.

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