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Pat McAfee Reacts To Intense Backlash For Taking His Show to ESPN

Pat McAfee was surprised by the negative response he received from fans after announcing his move to ESPN earlier this week.

Despite trying to reassure them that he would maintain creative control, fans accused him of selling out and feared the show would change under ESPN’s management.

During Thursday’s show, McAfee admitted that he miscalculated the backlash and was taken aback by the rude comments, especially from loyal fans who he thought would support him.

“It’s been tough to go over the mentions, “It has been tough out there. I don’t think I expected that. That was a miscalculation … I think the reason I didn’t expect it is because it didn’t even cross my mind…I feel like our people are the ones that were most mad. It’s like, ‘Hey, we have a good history, do we not?’”

“I don’t know,” McAfee added. “I guess not. … Some of the things that are being said are very, very, very rude.”

The backlash is real.

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