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Oakland A’s Pitcher Trevor May Nearly Retired Due to the Pitch Clock

Due to baseball’s pitch clock, A’s pitcher Trevor May has experienced heightened anxiety on the mound. This unintended consequence has been so severe that May even considered retiring as a result, according to the Mercury News.

However, A’s sports psychologist Ben Strack talked May out of this idea by explaining that running away from anxiety would not solve the problem and lead to regret.

Trevor May is currently on the injured list due to anxiety-related issues, which has become more accepted in baseball as a legitimate reason for IL placement.

May had previously coped with anxiety on the mound by taking his time, but with the new pitch clock rules, this is no longer feasible. May has stated that his anxiety feels like it now enters quicker than he can prevent, and consequently, his pitching statistics have suffered.

While the new rules aim to boost offense and excitement, adjustments to the new regulations have not been comfortable for everyone.

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