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Micah Parsons Gets Destroyed as “Worse Than Drake” For Being Bandwagon NBA Fan

Before Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals, Jayson Tatum fearlessly confronted a special guest. Micah Parsons of the Dallas Cowboys attended the game between Tatum’s Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat at TD Garden on Wednesday night. Prior to the game, Tatum engaged in a pleasant conversation with Parsons. However, during their brief interaction, Tatum playfully accused Parsons of being a bandwagon fan, citing a past instance when he saw Parsons sporting a Philadelphia 76ers jersey. Tatum’s Celtics had just defeated the 76ers in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals on Sunday.

This is the video clip featuring Tatum’s pre-Game 1 discussion with Parsons on Wednesday evening:

Tatum speaks the truth. Eleven days ago, the official Twitter account of NBC Sports Philadelphia posted a video featuring Parsons wearing a 76ers jersey with Tyrese Maxey’s name on it:

As you might have predicted, social media didn’t hesitate to criticize Parsons for being a fair-weather NBA supporter during the Celtics-Heat match. One could even say that Matthew Judon from the New England Patriots jumped on the bandwagon and joined in on the backlash.

This year’s NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year hails from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and made his name playing football for the Penn State Nittany Lions. As a result, it comes as little surprise that he grew up rooting for the 76ers. However, some fans were taken aback when he suddenly switched to supporting their archrivals, the Celtics. This is especially true given that the Celtics have knocked the 76ers out of the playoffs three times in the past three years alone.

Micah Parsons certainly has some explaining to do regarding his NBA fandom, but he still has a ways to go before catching Drake in the bandwagon fan department.

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