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Malika Andrews Got Crushed For Asking Adam Silver a Ja Morant Question During NBA Draft Lottery

Malika Andrews faced backlash this week for her reporting. During an interview with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, Andrews asked about the recent suspension of basketball player Ja Morant due to a gun video. Silver expressed shock at the incident and stated that an investigation is underway to determine what occurred. Despite Andrews fulfilling her journalistic duty of covering current events, social media users criticized her for broaching the topic.

In related news, warnings were issued to Morant by various individuals, including a Crips gang member and ESPN analyst Keyshawn Johnson.

After being caught with a gun on an Instagram Live from a strip club in the Denver area for the second time in less than three months, the NBA conducted an investigation and the Grizzlies put Morant on suspension from all team activities. He had previously met with Silver in New York after the first gun incident, which resulted in an eight-game unpaid suspension, and was reinstated following a brief counseling program in Florida in March. Morant may now face a lengthy suspension, according to several reports, despite having signed a five-year, $231 million rookie maximum extension with the Grizzlies in 2022.

Additionally, Morant lost out on $40 million in guaranteed money that came with a super-max contract after he was removed from an All-NBA team.

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