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WATCH: Los Angeles Dodgers Fan Knocked UNCONSCIOUS During Wild Brawl in Parking Lot

It’s just another day that ends in “y” at Dodgers Stadium.

A brawl erupted among fans shortly after the Los Angeles Dodgers’ loss to the Twins at Dodger Stadium earlier this week. This resulted in a Dodgers fan being knocked unconscious. Several fans engaged in a verbal altercation which escalated to pushing and shoving before turning violent.

A bystander recorded the incident on their cell phone which captured images of two men exchanging punches. During the altercation, a fan wearing a Clayton Kershaw jersey ran towards another man clad in a blue Dodgers shirt. He was struck in the face so severely that he fell to the ground.

As the man’s body hit the pavement, he suffered a severe blow to his head. This rendered him unconscious. According to TMZ Sports, a bystander named Johnathan Lopez recounted that security guards intervened and transported the injured man on a stretcher. His condition remains unknown.

“I honestly don’t know what started it,” Lopez said. “You could tell some of them were drunk … and some of them were almost drunk.”

There have been numerous fights at Dodger Stadium with the most recent occurring just a year ago. That incident between a Dodgers fan and Giants fan seems to be in a similar location to this brawl.

Sadly, some of these altercations have resulted in tragic outcomes. Most notable is San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow who was severely beaten at Chavez Ravine and left with permanent injuries years ago.

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