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WATCH: Little League Umpire Saves Catcher from Swirling Dust Devil

On Mother’s Day, 17-year-old Aidan Wiles proved to be much more than just a Little League umpire. 

During a game in Jacksonville, Florida, a dust devil suddenly appeared on home plate, catching the 7-year-old catcher Bauer Zoya in its swirling vortex. While the batter and the umpire quickly moved away, Zoya was unable to escape. 

Fortunately, Wiles saw what was happening and rushed to help. He quickly approached the backstop, grabbed Zoya, and removed him to safety. 

Spectators in the stands praised Wiles for his heroism, while the umpire modestly credited his instincts for his actions. Fortunately, Zoya was unhurt and quickly returned to the game after being dusted off by his dad.

Check out the video below:

 A dust devil is a small whirlwind or vortex of air that picks up dust and debris.

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