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WATCH: JJ Redick Gets HEATED on “First Take” Over Latest Ja Morant Gun Incident

During an appearance on “First Take,” JJ Redick expressed his disagreement with the potential “lengthy suspension” that Ja Morant faces after flashing a gun on an Instagram live video.

Redick acknowledged Morant’s past incidents, but pointed out that he hasn’t been charged with any crimes. While not condoning his behavior, Redick doesn’t believe that Morant should be suspended for half of the season. 

Redick then shifted the focus to American gun culture, where he found it hypocritical that Republican government officials flaunt and promote firearms without consequences, even during times of mass shootings. 

NBA commissioner Adam Silver addressed Morant’s situation, stating that he was shocked and that the league is investigating the incident. Morant released a statement vowing to take accountability for his actions and continuing to work on himself.

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