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Adrian Wojnarowski Gives the Most Insane Assessment Of Victor Wembanyama Of All Time

Ahead of the Draft Lottery on Tuesday, Adrian Wojnarowski, the ESPN insider, made a comment about 2023 prospect Victor Wembanyama that left fans in disbelief. However, after the lottery, it was announced that Wembanyama will be drafted by the San Antonio Spurs, who hold the top pick for this year.

This news has rejuvenated the city, which has lost its reason to celebrate after the departure of Kawhi Leonard, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker, and Tim Duncan. Wembanyama’s possible return to the glory days has generated quite a bit of hype, but Wojnarowski may have gone overboard by stating that Wembanyama could be the greatest prospect in team sports history.

ESPN even added an embarrassment emoji to their tweet. Fans were quick to point out LeBron James as another example of a highly-anticipated player in NBA history. While Wojnarowski is known for breaking news, his player assessments may not be as reliable.

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