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Rumor: Tom Brady Has a New Girlfriend, Secretly Dating Famous Blonde Haired Star

Following his retirement, former NFL quarterback Tom Brady is rumored to have found a new love interest. Radar Online reports that the seven-time Super Bowl winner has confided in close friends that he is seeing a “blonde-haired superstar,” despite yielding the model-type women he has previously been linked to.

The report also reveals that Brady feels unhappy seeing his ex-wife Gisele Bundchen thriving after their divorce, leading him to seek attention from other women.

“Seeing Gisele flourish solo is eating away at him,” an insider close to Brady said, claiming the retired gridiron great has been boasting to his inner circle that he’s secretly dating a “blonde-haired superstar” although it’s unknown who exactly caught his eye.

However, sources close to the 45-year-old clarify that he is not interested in a serious relationship; he merely wants to project the image of being a happy bachelor and make Gisele jealous. Gossip surrounding Brady’s love life has been rampant, with rumors linking him to Reese Witherspoon and Kim Kardashian.

Representatives of the former football star, however, have denied any connection to Witherspoon and stated that he and Kardashian are only friends as she considers purchasing property near his vacation home. Until Brady officially declares a relationship, rumors will undoubtedly keep surfacing.

Tom is currently the world’s most eligible bachelor.

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